Meter Reading

Our water meters emit a radio frequency to a drive-by receiver which transfers the meter reading to the receiver.  On meter reading day one of our operations staff will drive by slowly in a WBYC vehicle and record the meter reading from the sending unit.  That reading is then downloaded to our billing software and the paper bill you receive in the mail contains the data that your meter sent to our operators.

Overall our water meter system is both accurate and modern and for the most part relatively trouble free.  If and when problems arise with your water meter reading it could be a sign of a possible water leak somewhere in your home.  In very rare circumstances the water meter itself could be damaged or defective.  In ALL cases, our operations staff is here to help solve the problem and return your service to a normal and trouble free state.  Give us a call right away if you have any questions or suspect you are having a problem with your water.

Our Meters