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Nitrate Testing Results

The recent nitrate warning alert for children 6 months of age and younger will remain in effect until we receive notice from DEQ that the warning is no longer required.   Recent nitrate testing has been very favorable and our most current nitrate level tested at 4.84 according to one of our operators, well below the warning level of 10.0.   We would like to see it continue to decline.    However, Nitrates can derive from multiple sources including surface water penetrating into our underground water source.   Testing we have previously completed does confirm that our water source is under the influence of surface water. We have plans to see if we can identify any particular suspect source that can be reduced, eliminated or isolated in such a way that our water system is protected.  We are working with State officials and our engineers to find a long term solution.     Stay tuned to our website for the very latest information about this issue as well as important news about ongoing projects throughout our water and sewer system.