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PUBLIC MEETING, Held at High School

A public meeting was held on Monday,  August 26, at 6 p.m. in the Huntley Project High School commons area.  The purpose of the meeting was to inform and advise the public concerning the Health Advisory recently issued by the DEQ.  Our drinking water  has been contaminated by surface water from an unknown source that has infiltrated into our groundwater source.  This poses a real danger to the communities of Worden and Ballantine and to the Huntley Project School system and its students.  We thank all those who attended.  Experts from the DEQ were in attendance as were officials from Yellowstone County Health, our engineering firms and Yellowstone County Officials, including our County Commissioners and DES Coordinator.  Many good questions were asked by our citizens and answered by the experts who were in attendance.  Additionally, the public was informed of the pending creation of a volunteer water distribution network to accomodate the need for bottled water.  Please stay tuned for more information updates about this program such as times, places and dates for distribution.