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WBYC to receive 2.8 million grant from ARRPA funding through Yellowstone County

Our water & sewer District recently asked  Yellowstone County for a share of the funding that has become available as a result of The American Recovery Rescue Plan Act of 2021.  (ARRPA)   We were informed on Tuesday, July 6th that Yellowstone County had granted our request by directing the State of Montana to forward the County's  entire Minimum Allocation Grant funding in the amount of 2.8 Million Dollars to our Water & Sewer District to aid in our pending water project.  This is in addition to the funding we received through the Rural Development grant program which included a grant of 2.2 million dollars  in addition to the 2.6 million dollars in loans that our District financed with rate structure increases and tax assessments on property within the District.  The most expensive phase of our project has yet to be financed and will cost around 7.2 milllion dollars.  Our Board of Directors has  chosen to submit a new grant application to the State of Montana to obtain that funding and we will submit that application within a few days.  Copies of our Grant Request Letter and Yellowstone County's Certificate of Commmitment will be posted in our FORMS & REPORTS page and may be downloaded from there as well.